Connie is now performing her Hair Artistry at:
801 S. Indiana Avenue
Englewood, Florida

(941) 475-8577


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Todays innovative styling techniques, magnified with the latest in product knowledge, will make a difference in the health and appearance of your hair. The sun and salty Gulf breezes that brought you to this southwest Florida paradise, rob your hair of needed oils and moisture. With the proper shampoo and conditioners, your hair can be reconstructed to Mother Natures proper balance. Next comes a custom precision or razor cut to reflect who you are, as well as conform to your life style. Perms and/or color can only enhance and complete your total hair image.

Connie features Nucleic A products and Revlon's Voilą hair color.

Call or E-mail Connie,
with twenty-seven years experience in the hair industry, to reserve a time for her to give your hair, and you, a new attitude!

Nucleic A

NUCLEIC A Products Help Eliminate Problems Caused By Damaged Hair.

All NUCLEIC A products blend nucleic acids and amino acids that work together to seek out damaged, protein-weak areas, and to rebuild proteins broken down by the rigors of every day hair care, and exposure to the elements. Nucleic acids and amino acids are the most effective tools to accomplish these results due to their small molecular size and their ability to function in a much wider range of pH levels. Proteins alone cannot do the same thing.

developed in Italy, named by the French, and brought to the USA by Revlon Professional. Voilį gives your hair 100% gray coverage, a brilliant shine, and unbelieveble body, while conditioning

Make an appointment with Connie for a free consaltation and $5 discount on color, by mentioning you saw this on the internet, and experience the color that thinks its a conditioner.

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