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Merritt Group consulting provides dedicated analysis of your business and distinct recommendations to solve your most difficult marketing and business management objectives. Our goal is to help our clients grow faster by providing sound business solutions that deliver measurable value. Merritt's methods are highly focused to drive through the abstract, fix things that are broken and frequently serve as the catalyst for significant business initiatives for our clients.

Merritt's deliverables are concise, action orientated recommendations that fit our clients near and long term goals. Merritt provides the personal service you deserve, the flexibility you require and the results you require at the budget you approve.

Merritt Group consulting works on short term projects at low cost. We work exclusively and confidentially with executive management on projects of expansion, acquisition and turn-around.


crystalball.gif (22212 bytes) Merritt Group studies your business and industry, and forecasts future opportunities. We provide a written analysis depicting the benchmark. This is a comprehensive comparative assessment for your industry with specific issues and sales opportunities clearly laid out. Merritt's deliverables can also identify strengths and weaknesses with an objective analysis of our clients global competitors.


ideas.jpg (10953 bytes) Merritt Group is qualified to be your partner in business. As outsourced consultants, we can effectively step in to handle our clients needs for short term remedies. This includes marketing management restructures, new product launches, new company/division formations as well as redirection strategies.

Merritt's methods are marketing and sales driven strategies. Our philosophy is, To focus on increasing our clients bottom line by driving sales revenue, not by solely reducing overhead.




DESIGN - Graphic Design Services: logos, brochures, direct mail, catalogs, advertisements, truck markings and more.


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SAMPLING - Wet and Dry Sampling: in-store, at events, almost anywhere. We will find or create the right venue to reach your target audience. Always hand delivered, one sample at a time. Guaranteed to Reach Your Target Audience"

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POINT OF PURCHASE DISPLAYS - Corrugated, wire, wood, plastics. Several award winning (P.O.P.A.I.) designs, that have helped our clients sell their products fast! Original custom designs to meet your specific sales objectives. Merritt also designs and produces point of sale materials, such as: light thiefs, static cling signage, shelf talkers, and all other types of in-store signage.

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WEB SITES - Designing web sites. A growing part of our business since 1994. Our total approach and service has set us apart from the million other businesses that offer design services. We work in tandem with the brightest Web Master in the business. Period. Please visit a few of the sights we have worked on, or email us with your needs and we will provide you with all of our credentials and complete list of all of the web sites that we're proud to have designed.

Thank you for visiting our web site. It's our objective to meet and work with new clients as opportunities arise. We invite you to contact us anytime, to bat around any ideas or bid on your opportunity. We look forward to the prospect of working for you.


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