Act Media In-store signage
Maxwell House Coffee Company Event Marketing, traffic building, wet sampling
Gevalia Kaffee Company sales collateral materials
JELL-O® brand Gelatin pkg. comps, trade marketing collateral, POS, POP, signage
JELL-O® ready to eat snacks trade marketing collateral, ad slicks
JELL-O® Jigglers Yogurt trade marketing collateral, pkg retouching
Light n Lively® Yogurt trade marketing collateral
Breyers® Yogurts trade marketing collateral, pkg retouching/comps
Cappio® Iced Cappuccino Event mrktg, traffic building, sales incentives, strat plans
au bon pain, Inc. Event mangmnt, strat planning, wet sampling/promotion
Pepsi-Cola new product introduction, Event mnmgt, wet sampling
Bakers® sales/trade marketing collateral, POP, POS,
CoolWhip® logo prep, sales/trade mktg materials, pkg comps, slicks
Quaker Oats Pet Foods Company sales incentive programs
Gatorade® Event Management, marketing, planning, sampling, etc.
Kraft Handi-Snacks® trade marketing collateral
Minute® Tapioca ad/logo slicks
Philip Morris/Kraft Corporate Events PGA Seniors Tour, amenities, invitations, collateral, etc.
Millstone Coffee Company Event Management,
wet sampling/promotion
Lockheed Martin Business management consulting
Surface Alloys, Inc. Business management consulting
BRESI Business management consulting
Burke, Inc. P.O.S. matreials, signage
Paige & Partners, Inc. marketing, research, benchmarking projects
current client since 6/82
Sarasota Ophthalmology Associates corporate identity, brochures, logo design, employee morale contests,
business stationary, advertisements, media inserts, currently working on television
commercial, webSite
current client since 3/96
Eyewear Artistry advertisements for print, telephone directory ads
current client since 5/97
American Investment Network, Inc. Corporate identity; concept, design, full execution, etc.
treatments to corporate stationary package, Newsletter design & execution,
100,000 pc. quarterly direct mail campaign, business management consultation
current client since 2/97
Anthony Fiore Construction, Inc. Custom home marketing, new development promotion, logo, stationary, signage,
marketing management and consultation
current client since 5/97
Neal Communities
University Park Country Club
design, development and posting internet website
current client since 6/97
US Electric South Florida, Inc. design and product ad campaign for national insertion,
advertising ads, print buys, website consultation
client service 6/97 - 2/98
JSB Orthotics, Inc. Trade show marketing consultation, advertising design, point-of-sale design,
trade ads, logo design, press release
current client since 12/96
Taylor Ranch, Inc. Naming residential development, and streets, Logo design, signage, ads, illustration
current client since 10/97
Venetian Homes, Inc. design & develop logo, brochures, stationarty, signage
sales center P.O.S.
current client since 11/97
ClearWater Associates named the company, strategic marketing plans, logo design, all sales
div. of Eco-Tech, Inc. collateral, brochures, ads, trade show marketing, form design, etc, etc.
client service 7/92 - 10/97
A Beach Retreat brochure, advertisements, web site
current client since 10/96
Modern Maids, Inc brochure; concept, design business cards;
design trade show booth displays
flyers for trade show specials, slogan mark, New logo, treatments to all
business collateral, specialty ads
current client since 8/94
Cellular Communicator Corp. display ad; concept, design, placement Sarasota Herald
direct mail; concept, design, list mngmnt, mailing, etc.
brochure; design, print, etc. New logo design, signage, ad placements to
build traffic. Store layout, set-up
current client since 9/94
Shera Agency of Florida, Inc. Corporate identity; concept, design, full execution, etc.
treatments to corporate stationary & signage
work performed late 94
Chiropractic Healthcare of Venice Any & every ad/marketing/promotion related topic since December 1994.
Corporate ID, all treatments, all creative & execution for: newspaper ads,
trade shows, signage, direct mail, traffic building, etc.
current client since 12/94
WSW Insurance Corporate identity, concept, design, full execution etc.
treatments to all business collateral. Ad design & layouts for insertion to
Englewood Sun Herald, etc.
client service, spring 1995 - 1997
Newport Marketing, Inc. Corporate ID, treatments to all business collateral, designed specialized
equipment labels, product brochures b/w and full color, trade show marketing
consulting, business planning, strategic planning, etc.
client service 7/95 thru 4/97
Venice Area Chamber of Commerce art direction; 95-96 guidebook
art direction; monthly newsletter
creative dvlpmnt, new name, strategic planning for consumer home show (rendezvous)
1994 - 1995 - 1996

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