Quest for Glory 1 is a great game. It is addictive. It was the first Quest for Glory I ever played, and I played the good old type everything out one until I saw the remake. Very good. Germany setting is interesting, and some very funny characters in this game.

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Information on Spielburg

Speilburg Valley, home of the town Spielburg

Ruler : Baron Steffan Von Spielburg (eh... looks like Hitler, but he is good)

Currency : 1 Gold = 10 Silver

Tourist Sites : Erana's peace, scenic graveyard to the west of town is nice at night, the bar has the excellent Dragons Breath, alleyway at night has some cheery fellows, Baba Yagas hut, brigand camp

Wise Guys : Derr Drei Knockelkopfen (Three Stooges. Late night on Family channel. Thou shalt watch the three stooges, and thou shalt revel in their genius! -- Dave)

Job opportunity : Well, if you aren't a hero, or just need some money, the stables has some good work for pay, a workout, and a nights sleep. Whatta deal.

Spielburg is a place of opportunity for the up and coming adventurers. Monsters roam the valley just waiting for a hero to slay them. A curse is placed on this Valley until a hero from the north comes to lift it. Hm, that might just be you. Another little dilemma is the growing group of Brigands and the dwindling group of castle guards. Did I mention that the Barons children are missing? What else could a hero ask for?

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The Townsfolk

Being the series opener, Quest for Glory 1 set a precedent for excellent characters. The first two you will meet will most likely be Sheriff Shultz Meistersson and his assistant the hulking Otto Von Goon. Off to the adventurers guild you will find the guildmaster Wolfgang Abenteuer, a great adventurer himself in the past. He sleeps more than he talks, but he has lots of good hero stories. Erasmus and his pesky little familiar Fenris live atop Mount Zauberberg. Erasmus is a renown magician and a renown bad joke teller. Of course, to get in his house you will have to answer a gargoyle who resembles something completely different... The thief Bruno leans against the town gates casually tossing his dagger about. For a price you can get some info you probably already knew out of him. You could beat him in a fight, but I don't think the game wants you to since he has a purpose. There are other characters, like the centuar farmer, the healer who will help you out with your quest, and Zara the enchantress. Bonehead makes his first appearance as the gatekeeper to Baba Yagas hut. Did I forget to mention Baba Yaga? She is the slavic ogress who would love to eat you, and has this little curse that she put on Speilburg Valley. Needless to say she isn't really your friend.

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You know you have been playing to much QFG1 if...

-- You won't touch a bit of alchol for fear of getting mugged and knocked out.

-- You answer your door "What is your name?", "What is your Quest?" (also fits under the Monty Python Fanatic category)

-- You've tried to trade some big guy 40 apples for his glowing gem

-- You think you see flashing eyes in the bushes

-- You avoid cemeteries at night... maybe that is wise even if there aren't ghosts

-- When getting mugged you do the thief sign.

-- You try to open doors in the middle of a mountain looking for the brigand camp.

-- Your house looks like the Maze of Me (aka Yorick).

-- You expect dryads to come out of trees and give you quests

-- You tell people 'Watch out, the night gaunts'll get ya!'

-- You go spelunking looking for Kobolds.

-- You carry aroumd a handy mirror just incase...

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Qg1intro.mid the introduction to the game (14 kb)
Heromarch.mid the heroes march / theme song (2 kb)
Erana.mid from eranas peace (10kb)

UHS Files: (the Universal Hint System is needed to read the UHS file)

Qfg1.uhs Quest for Glory 1 Walkthrough (28 kb) Universal Hint System for Dos (90 kb) Universal Hint System for Windows 3.11 (396 kb) Universal hint system for Win 95 (373 kb)

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Go buy QFG and get the midi plugin.