This is where you can get files used on these webpages from the page, and anything else to do with Quest for Glory that I can find. Shift-click to download them.


Quest for Glory 1 : So you want to be a hero? music

Qg1intro.mid the introduction to the game (14 kb)
Heromarch.mid the heroes march / theme song (2 kb)
Erana.mid from eranas peace (10kb)

Quest for Glory 2 : Trial by Fire music

Keapon.mid from Keapon Laffin's shop (8 kb)
Aziza.mid from Aziza's home (6kb)
Caravan.mid is from the caravan journey (26 kb)
Rasier.mid the musc from Rasier (10 kb)
Qfg2.mid is the intro music (22 kb)

Quest for Glory 3 : Wages of War music

Qfg3.mid is the intro music I think (18 kb)

Quest for Glory 4 : Shadows of Darkness music

Badder.mid the music from the badder fight. (25 kb)
Cranium.mid the music from Dr. Craniums lab. (6 kb)
Erana.mid the music from Erana's Garden. (23 kb)
Eranast.mid the music from Erana's Staff in town. (10 kb)
Guild.mid the music from the adventurers guild. (7 kb)
Innmusic.mid the music from Hotel Mordavia, my personal favorite. (11 kb)
Opening.mid the music from the opening of the game. (19 kb)

UHS Files: (the Universal Hint System is needed to read the UHS files)

Qfg1.uhs Quest for Glory 1 Walkthrough (28 kb)
Qfg2.uhs Quest for Glory 2 Walkthrough (31 kb)
Qfg3.uhs Quest for Glory 3 Walkthrough (16 kb)
Qfg4.uhs Quest for Glory 4 Walkthrough (45 kb) Universal Hint System for Dos (90 kb) Universal Hint System for Windows 3.11 (396 kb) Universal hint system for Win 95 (373 kb)

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