This is my Quest for Glory Banner Exchange, made with the WebAdverts Software by Darryl C. Burgdorf ( ). It is designed for the purpose of people with Quest for Glory pages to advertise thiers in Link Exchange type thing, but only for Quest For Glory.

Submit -- This is where you can submit to the QFG Banner Exchange. Any questions should be sent to . Basically you just need to scroll down to the add advert area and input the title you wish your account to have and the password you wish to have.

Make sure that means that where the ID=&page=XX you got to fill in the XX with any number, just don't use the same one on all the pages.

Rules-- 1. No obscene banners. You should know what obscene is, and if you don't, please seek help.

2. Banners need to be 40 x 400, which is the standard size for banners.

3. Only Quest for Glory related banners. If you include a Quest for Glory section on your personal home page, please link to the Quest for Glory section and not the homepage.

Thanks for participating in the Quest for Glory Banner Exchange. If you don't have a banner, either make a 40 x 400 banner, or Parrcomm Internet Solutions will desing you one for a reasonable price.

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QFG Banner ExchangeQFG Banner Exchange
QFG Banner Exchange