About Me

Name : Richard "Butch" Parrow Age : 15 Height : 5'9''? Weight : 145?

My dad gave me the nickname Butch because he wanted to, which is a good reason. I was born and grew up in North Carolina and I really liked it there. Then they made me move to florida and it got HOT and SUNNY. I don't really like the state very much at all. Average age down here is about 65 and 'THE OLD PEOPLE DON'T WANT YOU YOUNGINS TO LIVE, EAT, or BREATH'

I go to school at Pine View, school for the "gifted". It is better than most schools, but it is boring and fills my mind with more useless information than I ever wanted up there.

to find out whats behind these cold eyes you'll just have to plow your way through this disguiseThis is me and my niece. She is really fun to play with. Kids are neat for the most part. When I was a kid I never wanted to grow up just like peter pan. Haha, silly Butch.

I have two brothers. I have no pets. I want a dog. Dogs are like kids, they are fun to play with. I think its cuz they don't really know whats going on outside of thier little world. Kind of makes you forget.

Usually you would find a list of peoples interests on a page like this. Don't expect any from me. All my interests are in the rock n' roll links. Music is the best.

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