Cardboard Collector & Lite Baler
New Cartridge Design for clean, dry, no waste replacement of the biodegradable baling twine approved by the mills.

Complete Operational Instructions printed on each cartridge. Available from your supplier or direct from Break Time! Save by buying two at a time!

Reduce - by 50% or more the cost & time spent on handling Old Cardboard Cartons!

"We finally found an easy way to get everybody to break down their cartons when they empty them and not under supervision later. Most importantly I've slashed my dumpster costs... a real Break for my bottom line!" P.D'P. - Naples, Florida

Improve - working environment & safety by "filing" instead of "piling" your OCC!

"Our offices are cleaner and rid of cartons laying everywhere! Instead of citations, we're now getting acknowledgements." Keesler AFB

Eliminate - Pilfering & Criminal intrusion in your work place!

"It is sad to say that we can no longer take our garbage out at night without giving criminals a way to enter our buildings. We still have refuse and Break Time! has given us an easy way to bale & store our cardboard to remove the next morning when its safer." MH - Nashville, TN

Measure & Document - your OCC collections effortlessly with the "Twin Twine Cartridge" program.

"A great way to keep tabs on cardboard Recycling, without filling out burdensome records! It's clean, simple and only costs about 10 cents a bale." JS - Jacksonville, FL

Protect - your investment and operating safety!

"A well built unit to put in the hands of our workers. I especially like the manual operation... no hydraulics, no electricity, no injuries! The life time warranty makes this even a better business decision" BC - Orlando, FL

Recover & Recycle - a valuable asset, OCC. Do it at a minimal expense and in a way that makes $ense!

"We want to do our part in Recycling, but until now cardboard was a big problem for us. Break Time! makes it easy and enjoyable to Recycle OCC." JB - USPS, Washington, DC

Break Time! is in use at:

  • Wright Patterson A.F.B.
  • Keesler A.F.B.
  • S.W.A. Palm Beach County
  • Disney World, FL
  • U.S. Postal Service
  • Georgia Tech
  • Georgetown University
  • Harvard University
  • Yale University
  • Appilachian State College
  • Univ. of Nevada at Las Vegas
  • Hillsborough County Schools
  • Pinellas County Schools, FL
  • Duval County Schools, FL

Contact Break Time! to learn how easily
this can be incorporated into your system.

PO Box 1569
Nokomis, FL 34274


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