". . . using Break Time, in 6 receiving locations (at the corporate Park), has lowered our refuse invoices by $2760 in our first year,,,"

'Sure, we're saving money in garbage collection, but more important to our retail operation is that our back room is more usable for business operations, instead of piling cartons for the day."

"In the past, we required a store manager to supervise the discarding of all cartons as they were carried out to the dumpster. Now, using your Break Time, it eliminates a "hiding place" for merchandise to walk out the back door, and keeps the employees honest."

The Break Time! way of
taking the work out of OCC.
Reduce Operating Costs
Provides a Safer Working Environment
Reduce or Eliminate Pilfering
Increase Productivity and Profits
Use Break Time!

Contact Break Time! to learn how easily
this can be incorporated into your system.

PO Box 1569
Nokomis, FL 34274

E-mail: kclinton@home.net

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